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Retention > Acquisition

3,520,934 That’s the number of blog posts written today. 5,740,000,000 That’s the number of Google searches per day. 782,651,327 That’s the number of tweets sent today. That’s the million-billion stats planet we live in. And in that million-billion stats world, some strange things have been happening in the marketing arena. An interesting piece of news […]

Medium vs Self-Hosted Blog

“Look, I am not telling you not to write on Medium, OK? You can give it a try. I am just saying you’ll regret it big time for not having blogged on your website. Do you know why?” Without waiting for my answer, he opened an article on his computer and started reading the following […]

Power of Centralized Networks

“Over the next few years, there is no doubt content and attention will continue to shift from tens of millions of web sites to a few centralized networks that people access via apps on their phones.” — Ev Williams. And in Ev’s words, those tens of millions of websites are the “loosely connected islands” that few people […]