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How to build a startup empire without selling your freedom

Finding a startup to work for is easy. Finding a founder whose vision you believe in isn’t. I’m sitting next to a founder whose vision I have admired over the past year. It couldn’t get any louder in this downtown Starbucks in Singapore, but noise is probably the last thing on both of our minds. […]

Don’t Build a Startup, Build a Movement

As a startup marketer, spending my lunch break arguing with developers is not my favorite part of the job. “That’s bullshit,” our CTO replies. “MailChimp’s product isn’t any better than the rest; it’s just another tool to send your newsletters. Why spend $200/month when their competitors offer the same thing for a few bucks?” I […]

How to Start a Blog

I will publish an article only when I have something important to say. That’s what I reminded myself every time the egocentric ‘me’ wanted to publish more often and be the center of attention. It wasn’t easy to resist. As I watched new personal brands gain popularity on a growing platform like Medium, it felt like […]

Build a Product vs. Focus on Growth

We have exactly $325,710 left in our bank account. The cash is burning fast, and we’ve already wasted a big portion of our seed investment trying to market a product for which we thought we had already found a product/market fit. “Four out of ten,” shouts Lauren, breaking the silence we’ve had for almost twenty […]

The Future of Startup Marketing

When I decided to start freelancing for startups, people kept advising me to always ask for the client’s budget right at the very beginning. So I asked. “Hey man, oh yeah, thanks for asking. Well, as you know we are a startup and we don’t have a budget yet but we’ll give you a lot […]

Kill your startup’s conversion funnel

On my way to the co-working space, I grabbed my mobile to read the same Slack message yet another time: “Ali, that’s good, but we should look at what converts.” It never failed. It was either a client or a colleague on the same marketing team. There was always someone who never missed the perfect […]

Finding side project ideas

62%. That’s the percentage of Crew’s revenue driven by our side projects last week alone following the launch of one of our latest tools. Every time I see such high ROI on our side project marketing efforts, I feel this urgent need to convince every single one of my startup friends to stop wasting their […]

The Rise of Side Project Marketing

Blogging is an interesting journey. At the beginning, hitting the publish button seems to be the most difficult step. Once you are finally over it, you are likely to struggle with the next hurdle: hitting that publish button on a consistent basis. Talking about consistency, in his 6000th blog post last week, the legend Seth […]

Retention > Acquisition

3,520,934 That’s the number of blog posts written today. 5,740,000,000 That’s the number of Google searches per day. 782,651,327 That’s the number of tweets sent today. That’s the million-billion stats planet we live in. And in that million-billion stats world, some strange things have been happening in the marketing arena. An interesting piece of news […]

Medium vs Self-Hosted Blog

“Look, I am not telling you not to write on Medium, OK? You can give it a try. I am just saying you’ll regret it big time for not having blogged on your website. Do you know why?” Without waiting for my answer, he opened an article on his computer and started reading the following […]