Hi, this is Ali (@meseali). I’m a…

(Warning: the text on this self-important About Me page contains too many “I” or “me”.)

…freelance marketer.

Though I hate using a fancy term like “growth hacker“, I think a “growth marketer for startups” does a decent job in defining what I do for my startup clients. I’ve been lucky enough to help grow a bunch of startups from Silicon Valley to Asia.


I try to share as many of my learnings from growing startups as possible. I write long-form marketing essays on how to grow a startup in the most cluttered marketplace in history. I publish my essays on my Medium blog and also on this website.


I teach a variety of growth and marketing courses at a few Startup Incubators and Accelerators. I also teach an online course where I cover a comprehensive curriculum on how to grow any online business.


I own Medium’s second most followed publication, The Startup.


I’m a big advocate of making stuff, you can read more about it here.